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Lithia Bucky Blonde Beer


Arguably the most complex, blonde beer ever unleashed. A rich and sassy ale with great body and exquisite character. Exceptionally rich and silky smooth, with no harsh aftertaste.

This blonde, premium ale is formulated with a carefully crafted eclectic blend of a combination of over 12 different Malts and 12 different Hops resulting in an extremely smooth finish.

Lithia Bucky Blonde is pure liquid gold in color, having an earthy fragrance with notes of fruit and toasted bread. It is soft, creamy, light and refreshing with subtle flavors of citrus and fresh mowed grass followed by hints of melted marshmallow. An exceptionally approachable beer.


A decidedly delicious, complex, well-balanced heirloom ale that's surprisingly refreshing and thirst quenching.

This remarkable powerhouse premium red ale is formulated with a carefully crafted eclectic blend of over 12 different Malts and 12 different Hops. A brew that stores and ages very well.

Complex quality brewing ingredients produces an aromatic sensation to the nose and a rich, crisp, creamy feel on the lips. Citrus overtones, with just a slight hint of chocolate and caramel, leave a smooth and satisfying finish on the palate with a desire for more.

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LithiaBeer's newest song "16 Beers" is an adaptation of the old Tennessee Ernie Ford's song, "16 Tons"!

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LithiaBeer is used in Timmer's Fish Frys!

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